The US Federal Communications Commission has voted to overturn rules that force ISPs to treat all data traffic as equal.

Barriers to research collaboration in Europe as a result of Brexit would harm scientific progress, says a group of leading UK universities.

A couple of things about the WannaCry cyberattack are certain.

Colon cancer patients who adopt a healthy lifestyle after treatment could potentially reduce their risk of death from a recurrence by more than 40 percent, according to new research.

Apple will reportedly announce an update to its lineup of laptops at its annual developer conference, known as WWDC, in June.

A regional drought has displaced more than half a million people in Somalia and left the country at risk of famine.

Thailand backed off a threat to block Facebook on Tuesday, instead providing the social media site with court orders to remove content that the government deems illegal.

The beaches on a remote, uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have the highest amount of plastic debris in the world.

This weekend's global online extortion attack reinforces the need for businesses and other large organizations to update their computer operating systems and security software,

A New Hampshire man who was injured in a house explosion is thanking Siri for saving his life.

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