One of the true "rock stars" of the fossil world is going on tour for the first time.

A German court rejected a temporary injunction against Facebook on Tuesday in a case brought by a Syrian refugee

Young adults who spend a lot of time looking for social connections on social media could instead find themselves feeling socially isolated, a new study suggests.

Three neuroscientists won the world's most valuable prize for brain research Monday for pioneering work on the brain's reward pathways

Unless new antibiotics are developed quickly, people will once again die from common infections.

We are in the midst of a mobile tech revolution that promises to change the way we live, say industry experts at this week's Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, where the ‘Internet of Things’

Saturday, 04 March 2017 08:54

Sleep problems mounting in children

Hospital attendances in England for children under 14 with sleep disorders have tripled in 10 years, according to NHS data analysed by BBC Panorama.

A genetic “mutational meltdown” helped push the woolly mammoth toward extinction, according to a new study.

Amazon.com has launched a new program to help students build capabilities into its voice-controlled assistant Alexa,

Scientists are upgrading one of the four main experiments on the world's biggest atom smasher in hopes it will help them discover previously unknown particles or physical properties.

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