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As the White House continues to defend President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry to refugees and people from seven Muslim majority countries,

The Trump administration is standing firm over its ban on immigration from seven countries despite court rulings and mass protests against it.

Twenty-three Chinese tourists and two crew members have survived after their boat sank in rough seas off eastern Malaysia, officials said.

An Iraqi parliamentary committee asked the country's government Sunday to "reciprocate" against the controversial U.S. immigration curbs imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump on citizens from seven Muslim countries.

President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting immigration to the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority countries led to widespread confusion Saturday as refugees

A government-appointed investigation is due to publish its final report on whether atrocities have been committed against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, also known as Burma.

Russia's lower house of parliament has passed a bill to decriminalise some forms of domestic violence.
Under the proposed legislation, first-time offenders who do not cause serious injury will face a maximum of 15 days police custody instead of up to two years in jail.
It now needs the approval of the upper house and President Vladimir Putin.
Campaigners say the bill - dubbed the "slapping law" - would mean the "exoneration of tyrants in the home".
The State Duma voted 380-3 for the bill, two days after it passed its second reading.
Lighter penalties
The bill, drafted by MP Olga Batalina, concerns assaults that inflict physical pain but do not cause bodily injury that threatens the victim's health.
It followed a change in the criminal code in July which decriminalised battery against strangers, but made battery within the family a criminal offence.
Conservatives argued that it was unacceptable that parents could therefore face harsher penalties for smacking their children than a neighbour would.

President Donald Trump made his first trip to the Pentagon as commander in chief Friday, signing two executive actions during his visit.

India celebrated the anniversary of the day its constitution came into effect Thursday with an elaborate display of military hardware and cultural events.

President Donald Trump will seek a tax on goods imported from Mexico and use the revenue to build a border wall, the White House spokesman has said.

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