Center for Human Rights and Research (CHR)

Center for Human Rights and Research (CHR) was established on 2010 as an independent and impartial national organization to work on Human Rights issues. The formation to place as growing concerns of issues related to civil and political rights at the time. CHR’s main objective/focus, at the time, was to assure the security of those arriving to give evidence before the LLRC and to create mainstream attention to these sessions. This initiative, to give voice to the voiceless, was later developed into the Civil Society Forum, a collective of 868 civil society organizations, working across the country in diverse fields. In addition CHR mediates where civil and political rights of persons and communities are violated and take steps to assure their safety. CHR also works with civil society organizations, trade unions and political parties to assist the most marginalized sections of Sri Lankan society and is bound to provide assistance, knowledge and services to small scale civil society groups and to lobby for freedom of expression through the Civil Society Forum.

Our vision

A Just and Peaceful Sri Lanka in which political and Civil Rights of all citizens of Sri Lanka are assured.


To protect the political and Civil rights of the individual and building capacities to assure the equal opportunities for all.
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