Medagama Divisional Secratariat


Medagama is one of the sufficient lands that has a great history among 11 divisional secretariats in Monaragala district. There are evidences which reveal that this area used to be full of brave people even in the days of King Dutu Gemunu. Today, it is surrounded by Bibile divisional secretariat from the North, Badal Kumbuara and Monaragala divisional secretariats from the South, Badulla district from the West and Madulla divisional secretariat from the East.
Medagama divisional secretariat covers 245.14 km2 and it is 4.2% of the total area of the district. The division is situated within the grid number 195/215 from the North and grid number 195/215 from the East. It is at the height of 700 feet above the sea level and consisted of 35 Grama sNiladari division and 121 villages. This area belongs to Bibile electoral secretariat and Pradeshiya sabha territory is Medagama.
85% of the population is engaged in agriculture and they are still leading an inter dependant life style. Low level of infrastructure facilities, education and health facilities has caused such hard times for the villagers. As a result, most of the people have been low income earners and their living conditions are even lower. Water, sand, gems, brick clay and granite are the major natural resources in the area.
Medagama secretariat division is famous for its religious, cultural and historical heritage. That has been the major reason for the area to be a great tourist attraction. 28 Buddhist viharas, 14 mosques and 03 churches enrich its multiculturalism and 88% of the population is Buddhist. And 11.9% are Muslims. 0.1% is Indian Tamils and some of them have been converted into Christianity.
Timbiriya Raja Maha Vihara, Ahugoda raja Maha Vihara, Pothubaddana Raja Maha Vihara and Thambana Raja Maha Vihara are the most important Buddhist viharas in the area. The history of the Thimbiriya Raja Maha Vihara dates back to King Kavanthissa’s reign. It is also believed that there were five hundred arthath bikkhus at this temple. According to Prof. Senarath Paranavitana the history of the monuments such as sandakada pahana (Lime Stone), muragal (Guard Stones) and korawak gal (Railing Stones) dates back to Polonnaruwa or prio eras. Areas such as Ahugoda , Thambana, Pothubandhana have been under the reigns of Kings Nissankamalla, Sadhdhatissa, LajjiTissa and Queen Sugala. Information about these Buddhist centers includes in Sinhala classics such as RasaVahini, Sadhdharmarathnavaliu, Mahavamsa, Rajavali and Thupawansa.
At present, there are 14 Islamic mosques have been built in the area. Bakinigaha mosque has its history that dates back to 1818.Devotees of all religions pray and worship at the Kuda Katharagama Devala, Monarawewa Keerthi Bandara devala and Pubbara Bandara devala in the area without any religious boundary. Among these temples, special attention has been paid to the Kotabova Katharagama Devala as it holds daily service and annual Esala Perahera as a dedication f
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