Embiliptiya Divisional Secretariat

"Our Vision"

To be giving effective service to the community through using participative development and new technology.

"Our Mission"

To provide a better service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co –ordination of resources and participation of people.

Embilipitiya was developed as the city of walawa valley after building of Udawalawa wawa and chandrika wawa based on Walawa River.

Embilipitiya divisional secretariat is the area achieving high targets expressly in modern development process. There are natural, physical and human resources and also having more natural heritage of own.

There is wet and intermediate climate zone and including wild, thick forest and open forest. There are five zonal soils. In this division, there is geographical vegetation with slope expanded from the west to the east and having areas with hills created by small hills at the west and the North West.

Galbokkayaya mount is the highest mount in this area. Its height is around 1648 feat at sea level. Water drainage pattern of this area flows freely from the west to the east.

There are linear drainage pattern and branches of main rivers. Walawa project created by relating Walawa River is the biggest irrigation project of this division and also chandrikawawa project via hulanda oya is the next biggest irrigation project. In addition to that, there is more small irrigation with higura Ara wawa, thunkama old and new wawa.

According to that, Embilipitiya city is very important as main facilitated city by agriculturally more and becoming central place for tourism because of hotels which are developed, tourism, Udawalawa national park, Udawalawa elephant transit home, Udawalawa wawa, Sankapala purana wiharaya, Panamura ethgala (krill), chandrikawawa, Liyangasthota amuna (embankment). Main lifestyle is agriculture and paddy fields and plantain are main part of them.

History of Embilipitiya Divisional Secretariat

In 1978, this divisional secretariat was established as divisional revenue office. It is situated at Kolonna and Diyapota village in colonna division. According to scale of the division, Embilipitiya division is the first among other division of Ratnapura district in sabaragamuwa province. Land area is 406.01km2. It has 40 grama niladari divisions. This division is situated at the north side by waligepola divisional secretariat, the south side edge of Hambanthota district and the east side boarded having monaragala and Godakawela divisional secretariat.

In 2011, According to reports of census population in Embilipitiya division is 166172.
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