Dhanigala- Alien Rock Exploration

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11/05/2019 12:00
Dhanigala - Dhanigala
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Dhanigala- Alien Rock Exploration

Dhanigala, also known as Alien Rock Mountain is located in Aralaganwila, Polonnaruwa. People say they have witnessed UFOs around this area in the night. However, this is a wonderful location with a magnificent view hence most of the hikers never forget to hike this mountain once in their life. So we have now arranged one day trip to Dhanigala on 11 May 2019.

Hurry up..! Grab your seat now. 

Location:  Dhanigala

Duration:  01 Day

Date: 11 May 2019

Participation Fee Rs 2000

Rs. 2000

Leaving from Colombo on Friday 12 midnight (Participants will have to be present in
Colombo railway station by 11.45pm)

Type of activities

• Photography
• Sightseeing
• Hiking
• Getting to know new friends
• Bathe at Parakrama Samudraya

Total Cost: Rs. 2,000 Per Person

Cost Include;
• Up and down transportation by hired bus
• Lunch
• Morning Tea 
• Local Guide fee


• Moderate Level Difficulty Hike
• Heat

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