Aalawantha Weediya ආලවන්ත වීදිය

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12/07/2019 19:00
Namel Malini Punchi Theater. - Namel Malini Punchi Theater.
“ආලවන්ත වීදිය” is the renowned singer and musician Amarasiri Peris’s first ever solo show where he will sing 18 songs In a mini Theatre. Music director in this show is famous musician Suresh Maliyadda.

Presenter of the show is veteran film director Jayantha Chandrasiri.

This solo-show will hold on a mini theater, the whole idea of organizing this in a mini theater is that we want to give our audience something more than just songs. And also it will make a great bond between the audience, songs, and music.

Ticket Prices : 5000/= , 3000/= , 2500/=, 1500/=

Tickets also available at:
Sadeepa Book Shop Borella | Yamaha Music Centre | SURROUNDS Negombo | TicketsLK Office
12/07/2019 - 07:00 PM
Rs 5000 Ground Floor Reserved Seating 5,000.00 -
Rs 3000 Ground Floor Reserved Seating 3,000.00 -
Rs 2500 Ground Floor Reserved Seating 2,500.00 -
Rs 1500 Ground Floor Reserved Seating 1,500.00 -
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