Monday, 19 August 2019 05:46

‘Shakthi’ rice rises in super markets breaking oligopolies

In order to tackle oligopolies and large scale rice millers, the government has introduced ‘Shakthi’ rice to the market by forming rice millers’ co-operative societies.

With this initiative the government has been successful in streamlining the rice supply chain by facilitating the co-operatives to step into the process of supplying of rice to the market under ‘Shakthi label.

This new scheme is implemented with the participation of the All Island Rice Producers Co-operative Societies where Small and Medium Scale (SME) rice millers have been organised into state-funded co-operatives across eight key Districts.

‘Shakthi’ rice in 5 and 10 kg are available in Sathosa retail outlets countrywide and it will soon be on sale at Cargills, Keells and Laugfs supermarkets and Daraz, the online store.

Around 300 small rice millers were now supplying rice under a brand called 'Shakthi' which was under Sri Lanka standards.

Farmers have been offered prices of about 39 to 41 rupees per kilogram, and now about 41 to 43 rupees a kilogram.

The bagged rice complied with Sri Lanka Standards. Each bag also had QR code a batch number, date and co-operative and the miller which was traceable.


The brand had only 1 percent of the market, but had a impact beyond its size and the state run Paddy Marketing Board also had 6 to 7 percent share of the market.


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