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Printers go green with innovation knowledge and sustainability

Sri Lanka’s printing sector is now not only aiming to become the print hub of Asia but it also poised to launch a three pronged strategy to achieve the status of the Lankan printer’s version of ‘Green Valley’ promoting sustainability.

Sri Lanka Association of Printers (SLAP) the authoritative body representing the interests of the printing community has formulated this strategy taking a stride towards “green, digital, intelligent, integrated and sustainable industry.

The printing community in the country will be empowered through training and enhancing knowledge to cater to the growing needs of the export market in accordance with the new strategy, President of SLAP and MD Lak Foil (Pvt ) Ltd Delan Silva revealed.

This initiative of creating a platform for local printers is now being implemented to innovate and introduce new products and new materials in the printing and packaging industry for the local and export markets, he added.

Local printers will be made aware of the opportunities in the printing industry and they will be empowered to harness huge potential in printing by inculcating them with ‘out of the box thinking’, he said adding that SLAP will assist them in enhancing their business.

Sri lanka’s Printing primarily caters to export markets such as Singapore , India , UAE , UK , Germany , Venezuela , and Maldives .

It provides a wide range of products to the export market ranging from commercial printing to quality packaging materials such as tea cartons, garment tags, and labels which provides a supporting service to major export sectors.

Sri Lanka is yet to tap its printing market share fully and the association will assist printers to change their attitudes towards the mission of going global, he pointed out.

The country’s printing industry has an opportunity to cater to especially the Asian region due to its strategic location, he added.

“We are seeing the opening up of endless opportunities in the personalisation, geo-customisation and consumer interaction of product packaging”, Mr.Silva said.

The SLPA is striving to find sustainable resources and more efficient technology, new processes and procedures for the printing community countrywide in order to promote and support sustainability in the printing industry in partnership with suppliers, vendors, clients, and employees.

The centralised location augurs well to make Sri Lanka the Printing hub in Asia he said adding that over the years the island nation was a prime trading destination where all ships traveling from the East to the West had to go pass it via the silk route .

Local printing industry currently provides a wide range of products to the export market ranging from commercial printing to quality packaging materials such as tea cartons, garment tags and labels and it is a supporting service for major export sectors.


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