Monday, 01 June 2020 15:11

Social welfare Thriposha programme halts by high commodity tax

A social welfare Thriposha programme mainly for mothers, infants and school children came to a standstill with the shut down of the state-owned manufacturing plant in Ja-Ela has been closed down due to the non-availability of maize .

The government has announced a maximum price (Rs. 55) for maize and no supplier has offered to supply maize for the new regulated price forcing the plant to a standstill.

.According to the employees, nearly 300 workers have been staying at home since the factory is closed, and the situation has been ongoing for three weeks.

In early May, the government introduced a control price for maize at 55 rupees a kilo. But by then the Thriposha Factory had called for tenders to supply maize at a price of Rs. 58 per kilo.

An official from the Thriposha factory said that the company had to call for tenders again to meet the new price, and although tenders have been called twice, no one has submitted tenders close to the Rs. 55 per kilo price.

Due to the unavailability of the maize, the production of Thriposha and Suposha has been halted completely for about two weeks, the official said.

He said in the future, the Thriposha, a nutritional supplement given to low-income pregnant mothers and infants will be stopped and there will be shortage of SuPosha in the market.

Thriposha is a nutritional supplement given free for pregnant mothers and infants and Suposha is generally marketed as a super food supplement.

The official said that there is a great demand for Suposha and that there is about 75 million rupees a month sales.

Thriposha Company is a semi government organization affiliated to the Ministry of Health.


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