Monday, 06 July 2020 15:20

Chinese trader makes use of Customs law loopholes to clear rice shipment

Taking advantage of loopholes in procedure in clearing shipments due to COVID-19, a Chinese super trade centre in Kollupitiya has managed to clear four containers of around 110,000 kilos of sticky rice despite the import restrictions on items such as rice, flour, sugar, liquor, and apparel products, reliable sources said.

Chinese national Yu Ping, the owner of the trade centre, has allegedly misled the custom officers submitting a false commercial invoice from the supplier of the goods and Bill of Lading by cleverly altering the dates and details.

He was successful in proving that the order had been placed before the imposition of the import ban while settling relevant duty and other levies at reduced rates under invoicing, reliable sources revealed.

This Chinese super trade centre sells all essential commodities including rice and spices meeting the requirements of Chinese consumers in the island.

Yu Ping, the owner of the trade centre, with high political connections is also involved in various other businesses including large scale quarrying and making concrete tiles, official investigations revealed.

Considering the high number of containers that are to be cleared every day during the COVID-19 crisis, it is very difficult for Custom officers to check every single container, officials said.


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