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US steps in to assist SriLanka’s lifesaving services

Sri Lanka Life Saving has expanded its lifesaving services across the country. The US Embassy in Colombo has donated life saving safety equipment to Sri Lanka towards this end, Life Saving, the national body said on Friday.

“We are committed to conduct our activities more effectively and efficiently with this equipment,” Asanka Nanayakkara, the president of Sri Lanka Life Saving said

With the addition of seven new lifesaving clubs, there are now 46 clubs patrolling 90 of Sri Lanka’s open waterways including 48 beaches, 38 lakes and reservoirs/tanks and four rivers.

The number of active lifeguards has almost doubled, with over 2,300 operationally qualified lifeguards providing effective lifesaving service coverage nationally.

Asanka Nanayakkara said, in the world rankings on drowning, Sri Lanka is ranked 12th, however, according to this latest report, drowning related deaths have reduced.

Increasing the swimming and water safety skills and knowledge of individuals is a fundamental requirement for the prevention of drowning death and injury in Sri Lanka.

.He emphasized that the national body on life saving and water safety is now focused on preventing drowning instead of only saving lives.

Equipment donated by the US Embassy at the Bentota beach included rescue rings, throw bags, helmets, and outboard motor engines used for inflatable rescue boats.

“This is a symbol of our friendship over the last 70 years between the Sri Lanka government and the US government and with the people of Sri Lanka,” Alaina B. Teplitz, the US Ambassador said.

She added that the embassy is focused on making a difference in people’s lives, be it healthcare, disaster management or lifesaving.


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