Thursday, 30 July 2020 18:27

Sri Lanka’s auto industry and thousands of jobs in risk says CMTA

The Ceylon Motor Traders Association (CMTA) urged the Government to provide a clear direction on the period of the vehicle import suspension and emphasized the need to regulate automotive imports to legitimate importers that have been vetted by the Government.

Yasendra Amerasinghe, Chairman of the CMTA stated, “, the vehicle import ban has adversely impacted thousands of Sri Lankans and it is the responsibility of the Government to communicate clearly as to when it will be lifted so that businesses and citizens can plan ahead.

In addition to the lifting of the ban, the other key issue is for the Government to introduce proper regulations to take the industry to the next level.”

He added that the CMTA plays a significant role in the transportation sector by acting as the bridge between Sri Lanka and automotive manufacturers worldwide.

In 2019, the CMTA commenced development of a policy recommendations document detailing a Future Mobility Plan for Sri Lanka.

The CMTA is working with international applied research agencies and international partners to create this proposal, which the association will present to the Government upon its completion.”

. “We would very much like to have a constructive dialogue with the relevant Government authorities to try to work out a mutually viable way forward” Mr. Amerasinghe added.


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