Saturday, 17 October 2020 17:07

SLT partners with Nemra Properties to power 5 major condominiums s in Colombo

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC recently entered into an agreement with Nemra Properties Ltd., a BOI approved property development and Construction Company in Sri Lanka, to power five major condominium projects that are currently under construction in Colombo city.

Under the newly-formed partnership, SLT will provide the ICT infrastructure for five different condominium projects and upcoming projects with 42 units.

For the residents of the condominiums, the involvement of SLT in these projects translates into crystal clear voice communication services, ultra-fast and superior broadband connectivity provided through fibre technology, as well as the next revolution in entertainment television via PEO TV.

SLT will also provide the backbone necessary for “smart buildings” for all condominiums that will facilitate the transformation of ordinary lives of residents into truly digital lifestyles in the near future.

Nemra Properties has already completed four successful construction projects in Sri Lanka. Its main focus is on design and construction, managing construction projects as well as developing resident and commercial real estates.

This company has been in the construction business for 15 years, first in Saudi Arabia and then in Sri Lanka.

During these 15 years, it has been recognised and awarded many times for its high quality materials, innovative designs and timely workmanship.



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