Monday, 15 February 2021 21:33

Sri Lanka experiments with budget shop concept with ad hoc plans Featured

Sri Lanka is experimenting with budget shop concept by implementing budget shop concept to sell 27 essential commodities at fixed prices at newly introduced Q-shops and “Sathosa” retail out less making use of Rs.2.2 billion allocation from the treasury.

Government’s attempts to bring down prices of essential commodities by controlling prices through gazette notifications has become untenable as importers and traders have been continuously increasing prices ignoring Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) directives.

The Ministry has introduced a new mechanism to sell 27 essential commodities at fixed prices through CWE, Sathosa outlets and Q –shops.

It has purchased 15,000 metric tons of sugar from the open market immediately after receiving the money, Pettah sugar importers revealed expressing their dismay on the urgency of purchasing sugar by the state owned establishment.

The Q-Shop concept was launched in early November and the programme to set up 20 outlets countrywide to sell 27 commodities at fixed prices has not even started to bear fruit except at the shop in Torrington Colombo, traders said.

They accused the Trade Ministry for allowing political stooges and relatives of top government politicians to manage and operate Q shops playing with public money.

But it was immidately denied by Minister Bandula Gunawardena without revealing the actual management of Q -shops. ,

But consumer protection societies say that these fixed prices were much higher than controlled prices previously stipulated by the government.

Government will reduce and maintain fixed prices of 27 essential commodities for three months starting February 8, subject to foreign exchange rates and any taxes that may be imposed on certain imported goods.


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