Friday, 23 April 2021 10:33

ComBank’s ATMs set new records for cash dispensed in festive season Featured

The automated teller machine (ATM) network of Commercial Bank of Ceylon dispensed a record Rs. 8.818 billion on 9 and 10 April, shattering the previous records for the highest and second-highest cash disbursements for a 24-hour period

as Sri Lanka’s leading private bank facilitated the celebration of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

The disbursements of Rs. 4.498 billion on 9 April and Rs. 4.320 billion on the following day represented a substantial increase over the single-day values recorded in previous years.

In total, Commercial Bank dispensed Rs. 41.748 billion via its ATM network between 1 and 15 April at an average of Rs. 2.783 billion per day, reaffirming the indispensable role it plays in the lives of Sri Lankans, as well as the reliability and robustness of the network. On seven of these 15 days the network dispensed more than Rs. 2 billion a day, and on five days disbursements exceeded Rs. 3 billion a day, the bank said.

Comprising of 890 ATMs, the network processed 2.434 million transactions over the 15 days at an average of 168,988 transactions a day, while on 9 April, the number of transactions processed totalled 233,990 at an average of 9,749 transactions per hour or 162 transactions per minute.


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