Monday, 10 May 2021 20:11

  Government agrees to lift the palm oil import ban Featured

The Government has decided to further ease Palm oil restrictions subject to the condition of allowing importers to bring down inflatoxin free and high qukty palm oil from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, Trade Minister Bandula Gunawadena said

He disclosed that Ambassoders of Malaysia and Indonesia vehemently protested against the government decision to ban palm oil imports during meeting with him and the government has agreed to allow high quality palm oil imports.
The two ambassadors have bought to the notice of the government that this ban violates the WTO agreement

Previously the government has lifted restrictions partly allowing palm stearin, a fraction of palm oil produced through an industrial process used in food products, but not other palm oil as they were ‘unhealthy’ am official statement said.

“However, standard palm oil varieties are used in the production of biscuits, confectionery and some bakery products are allowed,” the statement said.

“The variant bearing harmonised system code 1511.90.10 is an example. It is commonly known as Palm Stearin. There is no prohibition to the importation of this variety for use in the production of relevant food items.”

Palm stearin is a heavy, processed component palm oil that solidifies in cooler places and has a high percentage of saturated fats, and is used to make foods and margarine.Palm Olein, commonly used for frying is a lighter component remains liquid in at similar temperatures.


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