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These Microsteps and mindset shifts will urge you to move more — and more consistently.

“By taking control of your mornings and beginning your day on offense, you can ground yourself to your goals and align your actions to them.”

In Absolute Best Tests, Ella Quittner destroys the sanctity of her home kitchen in the name of the truth. She's seared more Porterhouse steaks than she cares to recall, tasted enough stuffing for 10 Thanksgivings, and mashed so many potatoes she may never mash one again. Today, she tackles fried eggs.

These Microsteps and mindset shifts will urge you to move more — and more consistently.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019 16:21


Towards the end of every year we look at the year ahead through a cultural lens, with a focus on major events and trends around the world – in 2020, for example, the Olympics will take place in Japan, and closer to home is an Irish city that’s been named a European Capital of Culture. But, of course, we also canvas the views of all our well-travelled editors for the places they’re most excited about – in this instance not just for the next 12 months, but heading into a new decade.

From a bedtime story to a “worry notepad” next to your bed, these small changes will help make 2020 your most well-rested year yet.

Thursday, 05 December 2019 05:55

Why We Should Let Kids Drive Their Own Learning

Let's encourage kids to drive their own learning, rather than sit passively in the passenger seat.

Little changes to your morning and nighttime routines will go a long way.

Tuesday, 03 December 2019 05:48

Why It’s So Important to Know Your Limits

Essential tips for avoiding stress and burnout.

Knowing why employees leave can give organizations an opportunity to strengthen culture — before anyone hands in their notice.

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