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Jeanne Moreau: Madonna and Dame Helen Mirren pay tribute to French star

French cinema star Jeanne Moreau - who has died at the age of 89 - was an inspiration to many. And famous fans have been taking to social media to remember the actress.

Madonna posted a set of photos of herself with Moreau on Instagram.
She wrote: "Remembering this magnificent day when I first met my favourite actress Jeanne Moreau! She died today. There was no one like her."
Dame Helen Mirren described Moreau as "a bold and beautiful icon".
Posting a black-and-white image of a younger Moreau, she added: "An inspiration for me."
Model Naomi Campbell also paid tribute.

Hollywood star Antonio Banderas wrote a joint tribute to Moreau and Sam Shepard, the US actor and playwright whose death was also announced on Monday.
"Jeanne Moreau, Sam Shepard thank you for enlighten us at 24 frames per second. RIP."
Jurassic Park star Sam Neill wrote:
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RIP #JeanneMoreau. So fantastic. I worked with her, and I quietly adored her. Well, the world did really . XX Jeanne . No better.
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Film institutes around the world also paid their respects.
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Bafta posted that Moreau had had a "remarkable career".
French President Emmanuel Macron described Moreau as a "theatre and film legend".
Moreau was probably best known for her role in Francois Truffaut's 1962 new wave film Jules et Jim.
She won a number of awards including the best actress prize at Cannes for Moderato Cantabile in 1960.
She also worked with Orson Welles on several films and won the Bafta Award for best foreign actress for Viva Maria! in 1967.

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