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‘World of Dance’: Top 3 Face Off For $1M!

Which acts will compete in the World Final?

Diana vs. Eva

Diana Pombo’s youthful performance was just what we needed. Always seeing the young dancer so serious in the face, she showed us she can still have fun. Surrounded by a colorful Alice in Wonderland inspired set, she playfully danced around the stage. Unfortunately, the young dancer couldn’t get her facial expressions to match her performance. She scored 89.3.

Eva Igo constantly shows she is here to win! With a Mad Max inspired routine, she sent a message to all her competitors. Hunting her prey like an animal and then ripping them to shreds, Eva showed us she’s not the same girl she was before. Cleverly performing to The Fugees’ “Ready or Not”, she commanded the stage and scored 96.7, moving her on to the ‘World Final’.

Swing Latino vs. Kinjaz

We have grown to love the cinematic performances from Kinjaz. Yet again, they delivered a perfectly synchronized routine, dedicated to their families. Wanting to show more of their emotional side, the Kinjaz took a huge risk. Jen and Derek loved it, but Ne-Yo wasn’t impressed. They scored a total of 92.3.

Swing Latino brought it back to their Latino roots! With an all-encompassing performance dedicated to Latino culture, they blew the judges away. Keeping their signature fast-paced footwork and high flying stunts, the team was still able to add all forms of Latin dance. Their performance moved Jen to tears. With a well-deserved score of 94.7, they will represent for the Team Division in next week’s finale.

Keone & Mari vs. Les Twins

Keone & Mari always give us a performance based on their love story; this time is no different. Taking us back to when they were dating, they delivered a vintage performance. With the costumes and make up designed to look like a black and white film, they walked us through their engagement story. It was a stunning performance, one that deserved Ne-Yo’s first 100 of the season! The duo scored a total of 95.

Les Twins struggled this week as one of the brothers suffered a leg injury. In rehearsal, he tore several ligaments and was unable to stand. That didn’t stop the twins from moving on. Putting their creative genius to work, they delivered a performance that stunned the world. Scoring 97.7, they beat out Keone & Mari, causing a bit of a stir on the net. Many saying Keone & Mari were robbed.


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