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‘Fifty Shades Freed’ ties up tedious trilogy

“Fifty Shades Freed" should mark the merciful end of the movie trilogy unleashed by E.L. James' novels, and there's plenty of artfully-lit airbrushed sex -- and unintended guffaws -- for those with a taste for midnight-movie-style chewy badness. Otherwise, the safe word should be "avoid."

Having finished the second chapter with a proposal, the third opens with a wedding, a whirlwind trip to exotic locales, and a reminder that marriage doesn't automatically mean the end of passion -- at least, for newlyweds with their own well-equipped, garishly decorated "playroom."

Pretty soon, however, the honeymoon's over, as the central couple tries to adjust to marital bliss. Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) wants to maintain her career in publishing, but must deal with a wealthy husband, Christian (Jamie Dornan), who's overprotective, jealous and controlling. And while it might sound like a high-class problem, there's the business of managing all those ever-present servants, who insist on calling her "Mrs. Grey," mirroring the formal way they address her spouse. CNN

‘Fifty Shades Freed’is screening at Liberty by Scope Cinemas, Savoy Cinema, Milano – Kegalle and other cinemas

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