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Bigg Boss 12: Nirmal Singh gets evicted from the Salman Khan show

The blow of double eviction got Nirmal Singh to walk out of Bigg Boss 12 house on Sunday. On Saturday’s episode, host Salman Khan had evicted the jodi of Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik from the show. Nirmal, who had entered the show along with his partner Romil Chaudhary, chose to quit after the pair was given a chance to save one. Stating that Romil will manage to play the game well, the duo unanimously decided that Romil should be given another chance.

Nirmal and Romil were nominated by Bigg Boss this week as a punishment. The duo had volunteered to go to the jail on behalf of their team, irking Bigg Boss. But as they got nominated, they felt cheated and upset. Over the week, Romil and Nirmal also garnered quite a lot of criticism for being harsh towards the celebs in the ‘samundari lootere’ task. In their defence, the two had stated that they only wanted to win the task for their team.

The two friends belong to Haryana. While Nirmal is a policeman, Romil is a lawyer. The two have known each other for years and played cricket for the same club. When they were called for Bigg Boss 12, the two decided to pair up and enter the show as a ‘vichitra jodi’. Though the two seemed quite promising initially, their simple lifestyle did not help them stay for a longer period of time in the controversial show.

While both got evicted, on the stage, host Salman said that only one among them will go out of the house. Nirmal decided to sacrifice his chance for his friend. Before he had entered the show, the policeman had told that there would be no competition between the two. “Partners never lose. One’s win is a victory for both,” he had said. And keeping true to the statement, he wished Romil good luck, before walking out of the house.

After the double eviction, a wildcard is set to enter Bigg Boss 12 on Monday.


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