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Bringing mystique vibes on to the stage

With today’s changing world of music , with new bands and artistes popping up and plus a lot of competition, maintaining an excellent record in the music industry and becoming a ‘’brand name ‘’ is one big challenge. It takes a lot of commitment, dedication and hardwork , and nevertheless needs teamwork as well !

When recalling some of the bands which secured their places in the western music industry, there are bands such as Wildfire, Black, and Flame, to name a few. And among these bands , one special band stands out from the crowd, known for it’s amazing talent and the capability of catering to both young and old alike, has won international recognition and has become almost a ‘branded name’ in the Sri Lankan music field. Sought after for every cooperate event, special occasion or even a wedding, this is a band which comes as the number one choice, and renowned globally as ‘Misty’.

Misty started its roots in 1997, formed by Rajitha Rupasinghe, after a stint at the Giravaru in the Maldives. Having being formed firstly as a duo then to a fully fledged band in 2001, Misty embarked on a journey which up to this day has been nothing but successful. They are capable of mesmerizing the crowds with any type of music genre, from Jazz to country and to pop rock to the 70’s -80’s music to modern day R&B hip hop. Misty is one of the most toured bands in Sri Lanka – they have performed in Europe , Asia & Asia Pacific, Middle East , Newzealand and Australia. The success of Misty would not have been complete without its founder and leader, Rajitha Rupasinghe.

Apart from the individual talents of the other members of the band , Rajitha , who has vocals with an amazing range and a pitch which can attribute to any emotion, leaves the audience to experience a most wonderful musical journey consisting of all emotions- romance , reflection, and even mirth. Whatever the mood might be, he makes sure that he will keep the crowd entertained, tapping their toes to a rhythmic beat or listening to a sentimental melody which takes you to a certain reverie. Today Rajitha has earned his name in the music field as a musical ambassador, locally and globally recognized, and rising up to stardom as being one of the most sought after artistes for his versatile performances of R&B, pop & dance categories in the music field. Some of Misty’s most highlighted performances in the international field includes the performance at the ‘’Festival De Cannes’’ in France 2004, performance at the Annual Cricketers ball in London 2003/6, Refreshingly Sri Lanka Trafalgar Square –London 2006. What makes Misty so Unique? in order to know why , and also to know about it’s latest line up , We met Rajitha for a chat, despite his busy schedule.

Excerpts of the interview:

Q: Tell us about your latest progress these days.

After the recent 4/21 incident the entire music industry going through a rough patch. However we are concentrating to re - built the business and working hard on it. Few projects are on the card and we will keep you updated

Q: How were you first introduced to the music field?

Music was always my passion from the childhood days so NO Co incidence me moving into be as professional as I am now. I initially started as a keyboard player in early 1993 while I was doing my Hotel School graduation. But music was always my priority as I was introduced to my 1st Band “HEAT” as a full timer. I never looked back and took a gamble and started “MISTY” as a duo in 1997 took my wings to Maldives

Q: What does music mean to you?

Everything! My entire life evolves on nothing but MUSIC!

Q: What are the music genres, which you mostly play?

I personally love the music on the 70’s and 80’s but we cater to a wider audience and the selection of MSUIC ranging from 60’s 70’s to the current music when we perform for all events happening locally and internationally

Q: How do you find it to compete with the upcoming bands these days?

It is very challenging as we found extremely talented young musicians taking the center stage. But glad that still MISTY has a demand even after two plus decades.

Q: You guys still manage to keep it up even with the present music bands in the music arena. The name ‘Misty’ has almost become a house hold name in Colombo. What is the reason behind your success?

Perform to our strengths, keeping the band together, do what we love to do and give what the client requires

Q: What’s the type of audience which you mostly get and how is their response?

More matured audience, top cooperates and the social and business community in Colombo. We do have a younger generation following which is a plus

Q: Who is your role model in life?

Locally: Legendary Sunil Perera, Geffory Fernando and Maxi Rozairo to name a few.

Internationally: Mick Jagger, Elton John, Billy Joel.

Q: Looking back at your journey, how do you feel ?

Extremely happy for where I am and as a band at the moment. Especially when you have events performed for almost 16years and they are still want MISTY and booking us well in advance. As I mentioned even after 02 decades we still have a demand locally and internationally..

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