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Clash of the titans!

September 7 turned out to be a special day for all rock and Reggae fans, for they were in for a treat, to watch two of the most amazing bands perform live on stage, at the Viharamahadevi Amphitheatre, Colombo.

They were waiting to see the much awaited ‘Rock meets Reaggae 2019’and it was a crowded house altogether, with enthusiastic fans streaming in to cheer for their respective music idols and enjoy to their hearts content. They were eagerly waiting for none other else than the legendary rock sensation Chitral(Chity) Somapala and his newly formed band, ‘The Sign’ to perform, and also the talented Reggae duo ‘ Jayasri’ to create quite a storm. (When it comes to Reggae, nothing beats Jayasri!).

Rock meets Reggae is a musical event which is dedicated to all music enthusiasts who love a bit of a head bang and sway away to the rhythmic beat of Reggae music. Chitral was the first to come up on stage with his band, and he had a special band member to introduce this time – Magnus Rosen (Ex Hammerfall Bass guitarist and grammy nominee), Jorgen Alnevall (lead guitarist – Vocalist), Cacoy Esporlas (Key boards), Keerthi Gunasekara (Keyboards) and Peter Svensson (Drums) and Chity was good as his word – to give the audience a most astounding performance complete with Magnus Rosen’s wizardly magic with the bass.

They started with a ‘Queen’ number and then moved on to perform an exclusive range of songs such as “manusatha”, “Wilpaththuwe”, “Miringuwa parade” , “Sinhalokaye Sinhaya”, and cover versions from various rock bands , not to mention a rock version of the Petshop Boy’s ‘It’s a sin’ and continuing to keep the crowd grooving with an awesome metal version of ‘Hotel California’ and even the ‘Honky Tonk Blues’! The performance was nothing short of superb drum solos, head bangs and jamming sessions especially by Magnus Rosen who stole the spotlight with his talent and active personality- by speaking a few sinhala words, keeping the crowd happy, and doing wonders with the bass guitar!! Chitral’s new band, ‘The sign’, as seen, is a mix of all nations, from Sweden, Germany and Norway. Chitral gave a beautiful ending to the performance with his iconic song, ‘Nadee Ganga’, which was indeed sensational. It was a superb performance –amidst the colorful surroundings with exclusive sound quality.

Jayasri was the next to showcase an amazing reggae fiesta - and those who were grooving and head banging to ‘The Sign’s metal magic, started swaying nice and slow to the whimsical beats of reggae! the crowd was thrilled and exited to see the two brothers, Rohitha (guitar + vocals) and Rohan, (bass guitar + vocals) while Hereby (lead guitar), Sumal (drums), Moses (percussion) and Parvesh (keyboards) completed the rest of the group.

They started with a big bang amidst the colorful backdrop, keeping the crowd entertained with numbers such as “Sudu Andumin”, “Sundariye”, “most wanted” and adding bits of Hindustani to reaggae, “Sudu Mudu Waralasa” which was beautiful and “Juliet” which was a song that took the crowd to a different groove.

The audience was mesmerized with their performance as everyone got together and danced their cares away to the soothing tunes of reggae music. While watching their epic performance one cannot forget how they first entered the music scene with their unforgettable track, “mod goviya” and ever since then, they have come a long way to dominated the Sri Lankan Reggae music scene up to now.

Another fact which was highlighted of the two bands was how they mingled and communicated with the crowd while performing. They talked to the crowd, and made sure that they were enjoying the event which they had been waiting for so long.

Apart from their normal reggae numbers, Jayasri also performed nice bass jamming session, a reggae version of U2’s ‘Pride in the name of love’ which was interesting to watch.

Rohitha was good enough to play a few of the fans requests as well, and the friendly duo even allowed the fans to come up on stage and sing with them, towards the end of the show. Had there been more time they would have rocked on to the night but since there was limited time they performed a few more songs and gave a superb ending to the much anticipated event of all events – ‘Rock meets Reggae 2019’.

It was one amazing event – filled with entertainment, music and a good crowd who shared the same mindset –and the same intention of enjoying a good show important to all music enthusiasts, performed by two of the leading stalwarts of the Sri Lankan Rock and Reggae music industry.

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