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Has potential to return as another film

‘Downton Abbey’ will be releasing on September 20. It will be screening at Liberty by Scope Cinemas, Colombo City Centre, MC Cinemas and Empire Cinema

‘Downton Abbey’ star Jim Carter has revealed there is plenty of scope for another film. The 71-year-old, who has reprised his role as the loveable butler Mr Carson in the new movie, told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Thursday that the cast would love to return. “I think there’s plenty of room for more,” he explained. “I’ll be at the front door and I’ll even let you in! There’s potential there and I think we would be very happy to do it, if everyone enjoys the first one.”

Asked whether he was surprised when the show had ended, Jim admitted: “It caught me by surprise… Our job as actors is to do a job and move on… so I was used to that. But it came to the last day and it was New Year’s Eve in the show and we were singing Auld Lang Syne, and so there was a sentiment to the scene anyway. I felt as the older statesman that I should say a few words. I thanked everybody and I looked at the crew who had been with us for six years, and most of them all the way through the series, and I got quite a lump in my throat.”

Jim then went on to reveal that his favourite Downton Abbey scene to film was when Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery, got married. Speaking about moment when she was first seen walking down the stairs in her wedding dress, Jim recalled: “Instead of saying to her father ‘Will I do?’ she said, ‘Will I do, Carson?’ And I, as Carson and Jim Carter, nearly burst with pride… It said a lot about that relationship, which was precious to me.”

Downton Abbey the movie, which is a continuation of the ITV period drama, centres on a visit from the royal family. The film takes place in 1927, two years from where the TV series left off. The Crawley family and their army of loyal maids, butlers and cooks are thrown into disarray by the impending arrival of King George V and Queen Mary.

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