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Taking the metal industry by storm

The term ‘Genetic Fallacy’ is described as a fallacy of irrelevance that is based solely on someone’s or something’s history, origin, or source rather than its current meaning or context in Wikipedia. Whatever meaning it might have in general terms, this week’s write up is based on something totally different!

Rather, about a fast upcoming band named after the same term, that is on their way to create a hallmark on the local metal scene and established them as a promising group. Originating from Negombo, Genetic Fallacy is a heavy metal band which was formed only in March 2019 as a result of a dream generated among five friends ever since 2016,having met at previous events to form a band , including guitarist Sachith Fernando, Vocalist Jeric Emmanuel, lead guitarist Lakshika Senevirathne , former drummer Ramila Gunathilaka and former bassist Dushan Savith. It was Jeric who came up with the band name, ‘Genetic Fallacy’ and Lakshika Senevirathne creating the attractive logo. Within a short period of time, these guys have stormed into the metal music scene suddenly out of the blue and hey presto, performing miracles!

Since its short inception, the band has been able to get an amazing audience which has fallen in love with their music and performances, thus craving for more and giving them the opportunity of being one of the leading and most sought after heavy metal bands within a short period of time.

The band’s first performance was staged two weeks after it was formed in March 2019, where the group stormed into an Open Mic Event hosted by an Art Association in their Hometown in Negombo.Thus they began their steady journey to ‘’rock the heavy metal scene’’. Since the local metal industry was keen to give opportunity to newcomers, they were able to establish themselves as a prominent band at local metal festivals. Genetic Fallacy focuses to create music blending two major Extreme Metal genres namely, Groove Metal and Melodic Death Metal creating an atmosphere of pure Metal Chaos.

The Band is influenced by many International Metal Bands mainly Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, Pantera and Metallica. The Band’s music is mainly focused in delivering optimism, strength and revolution creating songs against World corruption and Politics. The Band also anchors to create music on fiction and nonfiction stories.

Q: How did it all begin?

I met Sachith our Rhythm guitarist back in mid-2016 at a local music event in Ja Ela called Jungle Jam. It was on that very day the both of us intended to start up a project. So I have been constantly reminding Sachith for the past years that we really have the ability to do this!

And one evening on February 2019 after few years Sachith comes to me and says Jeric Let's do this! It is then when we recruited Lead Guitarist Lakshika Seneviratne, former bassist Dushan Shavith and former Drummer Ranila Gunathilaka and started our journey with Genetic Fallacy in March 2019.

Q: How were you inspired to enter the metal music industry?

We were inspired by how well the Metal Industry of Sri Lanka was growing.

Many events happening all across the island! New opportunities to perform! New venues and new places! And with amazing platforms to perform in like Acoustic Saturday and Rock Saturday hosted by the Suriya Brothers and Mosh Scream Rock and every other platform, I mean why not?

Q: What was your highlight during your musical stint?

On a Band's point of view, the best thing that ever happened to us or rather is constantly happening so far is when people start liking our music! It is when we see people Head banging and Moshing to our music live! It is when people and specially friends from other amazing Local Bands push us and help us to new heights! Now that's what really is pushing us to make music!

Q: Who are the people who mostly inspired you to perform?

Well we really do not have people who inspired us but rather there are some International Bands that always inspire us when we make music - we follow bands like Amon Amarth, Lamb of God , Iron Maiden , Metallica and so on!

Q: Do you have any role models when it comes to the metal music industry?

If we speak about the Band as a whole we really do not have role models that we intend to look alike or make related material to. But if you take me in this concept I really am inspired by Amon Amarth's Vocalist Johan! In wish i could growl like him!

Q: What is the response which you get from the audience in metal concerts?

The crowd's response before, during and after our performances are simply insane! I mean we could not ask for more! Moshing, Headbanging and Wall of Deaths! This is what pushes us and this is how we want them to react and when this happens we feel that we have accomplished the cause of why we do music!

Q: How does it work when you are part of a band?

I think it is the unity that we have amongst ourselves that keeps us moving forward. Unbreakable, okay yes we do have ups and downs but we do know how to meddle and do what is right! Everyone in our band tends to understand each other and no decision in the Band is taken by one individual who at times could be hard but we do respect the opinions and always work something out! And of course teamwork is really needed because the term Band itself comes from the word bind which means no matter what happens we need to stick together. And be ready for any uncertainty faces them in the right manner together!

Q: You are from Negombo where one of the Easter bomb attacks occurred. How did you feel the impact of it ?

Devastated. I am the Choir leader of the English Mass at St. Sebastian's Katuwapitiya the church where the bomb exploded. It was a very bad time for me as my friends and relatives were taken away! But still I remember how my band members cared for me during that time and which is why we decided to give all the martyred Souls a song dedicated to them called A Red Easter's Mourn relating the sceneries I witnessed which I will never forget. And we always make a point to perform this original as our opening song in every gig we performed thus far.

Q: What will be your biggest dream to fulfill as a band?

To create meaningful and catchy music that enhances sanguinity and optimism in everyone who listens to our music and one day perform in the biggest metal festival in the World WACKEN OPEN AIR in Wacken Germany!

Q: Finally, what do you have to say to your fans ?

Finally to all the Dominions! (This is what we call our Family of friends who listen and follow us) keep supporting us and the other bands in the communuty! And always remember that we as a band are always humble and ready to make you guys witness the ART OF PANDEMONIUM!

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