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The western music industry in Sri Lanka has developed throughout the years, and though the Sinhala music industry was given much prominence, the western music industry had had its own identity.

These days we do see various talent contests to bring up young talent on electronic media, but recognizing a child’s musical talents from the school level is an important aspect, since it is the beginning of a talented artiste/ musician. ‘’ VIVACE 2019 ‘’- a prominent inter-school musical event organized by the Western Music Association of Ananda college is all set to rock the stage on the 27th of December 2019, to give recognition to talented’’ young musicians in the making ‘’ to showcase their talents to the world, to create a platform for them to sharpen their skills and make themselves established in the western music field. This is more than a competition; it is an event which connects every school in the island to get together and perform at their best: and an event which creates friendship and harmony between schools from the far end of the country to the schools in Colombo. The western Music Association of Ananda College has contributed immensely to uphold the glory which both the Ananda College and the ACWMA itself are holding by organizing five massive VIVACE concerts consecutively since 2014. VIVACE will be turning a whole new chapter in 2019 by organizing VIVACE™’19. Along with the event, there will also be a beat band competition which add more color and significance. The six finalists will be competing on the VIVACE 2019 main event. As a result, they will be competing for the VIVACE shield. This year’s finalists are, S. Thomas’ College Mt. Lavinia, Wesley College, Yasodara Devi Balika Vidyalaya Gampaha, Lyceum International School Nugegoda, and Lyceum International School Wattala.


‘VIVACE '19’ is an inter-school western music beat band competition held with the participation of over 20 leading schools and over 300 western music students throughout the nation. Apart from the ‘’battle of the bands’’ the event also will be filled with entertainment items nourished with the performances of Ananda College Western Music Association (ACWMA). The primary objective of this event is to uphold the standards of western music in schools, creating an opportunity where young musicians are able to showcase their talents and gain an experience to improve themselves. VIVACE™'19 will be held at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall on the 27th of December 2019 on 5.00 pm onwards. This indeed is going to be a landmark event which will set the foundation to establish a lineup of future artistes or musicians of international level. Two of the most prominent members of the association shared their thoughts with us on this prestigious event.

Jagath Jayawardena , Master in charge of the Ananda College Western Music Association said, “VIVACE is entirely a project carried out by the students who do western music. This is a concert which plays Western pop music. Every school gets an opportunity to perform at this event.”

“We have invited every school all across Sri Lanka to send in their applications to participate at this event which will help to develop their skills. There are two categories including the girl’s category and also the boy’s category. Reputed bands and artistes such as Voice Print, Randir withana, Lahiru Perera and Billy Fernando will making guest performances, backed by the Ananda college beat band. The main purpose of this event is to bring out youngsters with born talents who can even be a future guitarist, or a pianist and help them to come up in the field. This goes as a continuous project, and there are several young people who gained opportunities to come up as talented musicians. This is my 3rd year as the master in charge, and I’m really honored to be given this responsibility to help young people to secure a future for themselves.”

Sanuda Kannangara , Secretary of the Ananda Collge Western Music Association also spoke on the event .


“Vivace concert series is known for giving a good experience and outcome and something new for the audience. This is being organized for the 6th consecutive time. I myself have been a part and a fan of this event from the beginning and I’m really happy how far we’ve come on this event by motivating new musicians and encouraging the youth and for providing them a good opportunity.We also hope to give a new experience to the audience this year too.”

So get ready experience a magical evening where all the schools will get together, and will bring out the best of musical talents in youth all over Sri Lanka, and find out who will bag the prestigious VIVACE shield this year!!!

(Daily News)

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