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Monday, 26 February 2018 06:50

Neo Colonialism or Neo Terrorism

The following is my comments to Daily Mirror today(24) on the issue of Brigadier Priyanka Fernando. I would like to add a few more sentences as the number of words in the comments box is limited.

First I will write what I wrote to Daily Mirror and I will write the additional sentences beneath the write up:

The British have forgotten their past for their sake but we still remember atrocities done by British invaders during colonial period. In the meantime, we all thought that the British have learnt a lesson from the past, but they will never learn it.
The British cannot have their own definition for terrorism. It is already well defined universally. As we consider, the terrorism on British soil is also terrorism in Sri Lanka because we strongly believe that the terrorism must be eradicated from whole world. Unfortunately, this ethical format based on solidarity and mutual understanding seems to be absent on British soil.
It is evident that not the individual governments but different religious institutions govern the World. In the context of LTTE terrorism, it is evident that the Catholic Church was behind this menace as the Church used LTTE terrorist to divide Sri Lanka and to establish a Christian State for Northern Tamils. Fortunately, the idea was not welcomed by the Tamils and Muslims in the Eastern Province. That is one of the reasons why the LTTE lost the battle.

Sri Lanka is a democratic and a sovereign country and our missions abroad have every right to be protected in the same manner the British do expect from us. Sri Lanka as a member of UN and the member of Commonwealth works cordially with other sovereign nations. Contrary to this universal norm, the British government works with umbrella organisations of proscribed movements like the LTTE. When the reciprocity is violated there will be no solidarity and harmony on international affairs.

Concerning Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, the British government exerts unnecessary pressure on SL government to punish the Military Attaché of our Mission in London. If the British government listened to the cry of the millions of Sri Lankans Tamils who suffered due to LTTE atrocities during 30 years long war, it wouldn’t have allowed the members of pro LTTE Global Tamil Forum to wage a protest demonstration in front of our Mission in London. The 70th Independent Day was celebrated not only by Sinhalese but by every community in Sri Lanka. Our Mission in London is not assigned to represent Sinhalese interests but the interests of the government of Sri Lanka. If the British government had adopted a different opinion concerning the independent celebrations in Sri Lanka, it shouldn’t have decided to send Prince Edward as the representative of the Queen of UK for the celebration. If the British government had realized the gravity of the mistake done by their authorities by giving permission to the GTF the sympathizers of a terrorist outfit to demonstrate in front of our Mission in London, this unfortunate thing wouldn’t have happened in the way that happened but it happened as if it was premeditated.

What is the moral behind all these events and what does the British government expect by exerting unnecessary pressure on SL government to punish the Military Attaché of our Mission in London? It is the general opinion that this is nothing but a habit of hypocrisy practised by the British government. The question is how long can the British carry on with this double moral conduct.

Dr. Edward Perera

You look Priyantha Fernando’s action as a patriot person. Priyantha was on British soil serving the Sri Lankan interest as a Defence Attachi. a Diplomatic position. As a Diplomatic Officer he should obey and follow regulations governing a Diplomat, and his action was not meeting these requirements. What ever the way British look at the Terrorist Laws. This question or the problem created by Fernando is due to bad briefing of Diplomatic norms and requirements by our foreign Ministry. I feel sorry about what a trap Priyantha in now trapped due to his misunderstanding of his duties as the Defence Attaché I don’t think Neo Colonialism or Neo Terrorism is in question hear other than Priyantha patriotic behaviour as the Defence Attaché wearing the Army uniform. I blame the Senior Officers like HC and the D/HC for not educating the junior staff how to behave in a situation when people are protesting and the people what ever their motives are Sri Lankan’s I took part as a Australian citizen in many protest keeping in mind how far we can proceed.

Upasiri De Silva

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