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Country experiencing dangerous breakdown in the rule of Law - CBK

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Issuing a statement, on the ongoing political crisis, former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga said that she is watching with concern and regret the efforts by some SLFP members to betray the people’s demands for a better Sri Lanka, which gained victory on 8 January, 2015.

The SLFP, together with most other parties and the civil society, built a massive unprecedented movement to win the struggle for a decent, honest and prosperous Sri Lanka, she noted.


“It is regretful that some sections of our beloved Party find it fit to betray all our policies and once again join hands with a political group that destroyed fundamental rights, democracy, democratic institutions and built a destructive network of graft and corruption.”


She said that the scenes being played out in the past few weeks within the sacred precincts of the Parliament, in the Government and outside are destroying the people’s confidence in democratic institutions so long treasured and safe-guarded by all Sri Lankans.


“The time has come, as never before, for all Sri Lankans who value freedom, democracy and those institutions that uphold them, such as the Parliament, the Judiciary, an independent Police, Armed Services and Public Service, to stand up for freedom and good governance, setting aside all personal political and pecuniary interests.”


The country has reached a dangerous precipice of chaos, anarchy and breakdown of the rule of law, she claimed. All people must unite to bring it back from the brink and recommence the journey towards enlightened governance, she added in her statement.

(Ceylon Today)

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