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CEB mafia strikes again with Fly by night innovators gaining publicity

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Sri Lanka ends four hour power cut before the country’s national New Year festival with the government’s decision to purchase 100 MW of power from private suppliers fulfilling the long term plan of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) engineers and bureaucrat’s mafia, power and energy experts said.

The country would have to go through the same process next year and in 2021 and 2022 as proper tender procedures and procurement plans have not been adhered to, they further added, noting that these are things that could be done even now.

Taking a cue from this situation, certain fly by night self proclaimed innovators had tried to promote non scientific wave energy projects and portable water-power generators using print media publicity with fairy tales of alternate energy.

Those proposals were without practical or scientific basis and some persons who have no scientific knowledge had tried to convince state authorities to consider such bogus projects even as a temporary solution to power crisis spreading fairy tales over print and social media, they added.

The CEB mafia has created an artificial power shortage citing malfunctioning in electricity transmission system and always breakdowns in Norochcholai coal power plant in the face of severe drought in hydro catchment areas.

The national long term power generation plan has been disrupted by the CEB mafia paving the way for the cabinet to approve low cost alternatives to bridge the deficit of about 200MW of power in last October.

The proposal presented to the cabinet by the Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs was to add the additional power from generators at public and private institutions to the national grid.

The reason behind this power crisis was the mafia within the CEB which prefers emergency power purchasing rather than listening to the cautioning of the Public Utility Commission of Sri Lanka.


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