Thursday, 18 April 2019 12:40

United States supports Sri Lanka in anti human smuggling

The United States Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP) has extended four grants amounting to US3.5 million to combat trafficking in persons in Sri Lanka .
US Deputy Chief of Mission Robert Hilton said that these grants engage on a wide variety of activities in Sri Lanka including, helping to strengthen the judiciary to investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases, building an effective trafficking data selection and reporting system, and improving services and protection for trafficking victims.
The mapping of data on human trafficking in the Sri Lanka project was undertaken in response to the government of Sri Lanka ’s priority on building effective human trafficking data collection and reporting systems he disclosed.
The project will result in three important outcomes such as the development of a multi-sectoral trafficking in person’s data collection and reporting system and the building of the capacity of key stakeholders to contribute to this new trafficking in persons data collection and reporting system.
The third outcome is supporting the dissemination of information from the resulting system to relevant stakeholders, he added.
The Asia Foundation and its partners in the project have made it possible for the first time for the Sri Lankan government to easily identify, track, and analyze human trafficking cases at the national level.
Additionally, with information gathered in the reporting it is now possible to design tools for government agencies to better identify victims of trafficking that they encounter and use this information to better understand and combat human trafficking, he said.
This report also shows that the identification, care, and support of survivors of trafficking is a mutual priority and that both government and its partners have a vital role to play in identifying and assisting trafficking victims, he claimed.
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