Monday, 20 May 2019 08:08

Sri Lanka parliamentary Speaker appeals to all MPs to desist from hate speech

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Sri Lanka parliamentary Speaker has appealed to all members of parliament to ensure the people of this country that all of them are ready with unison to face crisis situations such as present threat of terror engulfed the island nation irrespective of political differences.

He called on all MPs to desist from hate speech and spread the message of unity among all communities as responsible representatives of the people of Sri Lanka .

In statement issued on behalf of all parliamentary sectoral oversight committees, speaker Karu Jayasuriya noted that the intelligent people of this country have already understood the falsehood of propaganda campaigns aimed at inculcating fear psychosis among citizens.

It was now clear that certain interested parties and disruptive elements were behind such hatred campaigns.

The violence lashed across several areas in the country spreading communal flames and inflicting fear psychosis among Muslim community was another extension of the series of such disruptive activities, he claimed.

This unruly acts exerted serious damage to the image and dignity of Sri Lankan Buddhists, more than the devastation caused to the property in the Easter terror attack, he pointed out.

Sri Lanka intelligence divisions’, security forces and the police have confirmed that 95 percent of Easter terror movement had been destroyed so far.

He assured the people that no one will be allowed to break the unity among al communities at this decisive moment, he added.


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