Saturday, 13 July 2019 09:17

Defeat of NCM, a show of confidence in Govt: PM

Parliament has accepted that the government had done its part to arrest those responsible for the April 21 bomb attack by rejecting the no-confidence motion (NCM) against the government, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday.

“By rejecting the no-confidence motion against me and the government, Parliament has confirmed that effective steps were taken to arrest those responsible for the Easter Sunday attacks; the work done to rebuild the lives of those affected and to renovate the property that was damaged. I thank the security forces and the others for the role they played in this regard,” the Prime Minister said in a special statement last evening.

He said the other activity that remains to be done is to find out the point at which the communications broke down where the intelligence services were concerned.

“We have appointed a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to find out how this happened. We do not intend slinging mud at any one through the PSC because its sole purpose is to find out the truth," he said adding that he was also asked to appear before the PSC and would tell what I Know.

The Prime Minister said the government has been able to revive all activities that were halted after the bomb attack.

(Daily Mirror)

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