Saturday, 17 August 2019 09:10

Anuradapura Development Project delays due to bureaucratic bungling

Anuradapura Integrated Urban Development Project is to see the light of the day asa result of improper planning and inefficiency of officials assigned to steer the project.

This Project hasbeen implemented by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development with the objective of promoting a balanced mode of co-development between the sacred and modern parts of Anuradhapura City.

It is aimed at preserving its cultural and natural heritage. The total estimated cost of the Project had been Euro 62.4 million equivalent to Rs.9, 779.95 million.

The French Development Agency had agreed to finance Euro 52 million equivalent to Rs.8,150 million out of that cost.

This Project which was commenced in the year 2016 had spent Euro 0.33 million equivalent to Rs.52.01 million in the year 2017/2018 under review.

An Action Plan or a budget had not been prepared for the year under review so as to cover the entire period of the Project.

These details were revealed in recent progress review report prepared by a group of engineers and experts in construction activities.

Moreover, a Procurement Plan as well had not been prepared for the year under review on the delay in preparation of a detailed design plan for civil works carried out by the Project.

Further, taking action to implement the Project by recruiting two officers as Assistant Directors, without necessary qualifications and experience on the procurement and city planning, had to bear the responsibility for the delay in Project activities.


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