Tuesday, 20 August 2019 06:16

SLRC and ITN continue its down fall since Rajapaksa regime

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State owned Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation(SLRC) and Independent Television Network(ITN) are continuing its down fall since Rajapaksa regime up to now as a result of mismanagement and in efficiency of political appointees to head the two leading media institutions.

The market share of those two institutions had declined up to 4.3 per cent and 7 per cent respectively by the year 2017, latest available official statistics showed.

The SLRC had acquired 8.7 per cent of market share of media in the year 2014, whilst the Independent Television Network Ltd. had acquired 18.91 per cent of the market share of media in the year 2014.

The down ward trend in market share of those two institutions had been continued up to now, official sources revealed

As the income from sale of airtime had decreased, the market shares as well had decreased and the clients had been attracted to private television channels.

As such, airtime had to be given with discounts over 65 per cent under very low rates than the standard rates charged for approved advertisements of two channels for keeping the attraction of clients, government audit inspection found. .

In addition to the said discounts, strip advertisements and extra advertisements as well had been over provided free of charge to those clients.

SLRC is the latest state owned institution that is reported to have fallen into the category of cash strapped establishments under the Rajapaksa regime.


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