Saturday, 14 December 2019 18:38

Sri Lanka Ports Authority digitalizes cargo clearance process

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The Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA), which unloads over 100 containers and releases over 600 cargo units’ per day is now implementing a Cargo Management System (CMS) to digitize its clearance process.

This initiative tackles a number of issues inherent in their previous system, including; high volumes of manual documentation, inaccuracy, inefficiency, and bad customer service levels.

The new system will completely streamline the clearance of loose cargo for over 2000 target users island-wide, including; Shipping and Container Agents, Cargo Clearance Companies and Individual Consignees, SLPA sources said.

This state-of-the-art computerized system was created and implemented by Access International SLPA (Networking Division), providing a myriad of Value Added Services utilizing cloud computing and collaboration technologies.

It is simplifying operations, improving efficiency and increasing revenue for a number of industries from Telecommunication to Logistics to Power Generation.

The Cargo Management System (CMS), especially designed for port communities, allows its users to perform a range of administrative tasks such as; service requests, online payment settlements and status updates on vessel berthing, all via email or SMS, speeding up the pace of these processes and increasing their ease of use.

Due to the nature of the Cargo Clearance Process in Sri Lanka, the CMS had to streamline key processes across several government agencies a senior Customs Department official said.

It had to integrate with the Sri Lanka Customs (SLC) Clearance System to allow for payment settlements and the uploading of Manifest files to receive necessary approvals, he added.

The results for the newly implemented CMS are far superior to what it replaces; consignees are now able to create their own invoices and have SLPA approvals within 5 minutes, drastically improving the time taken for the same activity in the old system many times over.


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