Wednesday, 15 January 2020 09:16

China steps into to assist Sri Lanka become economically independent

China has pledged to assist Sri Lanka become economically independent and continues to standby Sri Lanka’s interests.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa told visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that Sri Lanka is geographically placed in a most strategic location and as a result, the country has to face many political challenges.

He said that the only way to overcome them is to be economically strong and that economic independence will ensure political independence.

Minister Yi, in his response said that China, as it did in the past, would be Sri Lanka’s longtime partner in prosperity and growth.

He noted that China’s policy towards Sri Lanka had always been consistent and China would continue to be Sri Lanka’s reliable friend.

The Foreign Minister of China, who was on a brief visit to Sri Lanka, said that after in-depth discussions he had with President Rajapaksa he was confident that already existing strong bilateral relations could be further strengthened.

“As Sri Lanka’s strategic partner China will continue to standby Sri Lanka’s interests. China stands for the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. We will not allow any outside influences to interfere with matters that are essentially internal concerns of Sri Lanka,” Minister Yi pledged.

“Sri Lanka may have less landmass, but will soon be strong economically. China will be with Sri Lanka in its striving to reach this goal”, Minister Yi assured.


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