Sunday, 19 January 2020 09:02

Details behind Iraj's 'PayPal' gimmick revealed

Popular musician - Iraj Weeraratne's Facebook post urging youth to back the need for the PayPal online payment platform in Sri Lanka, is deceiving, says the Information Technology Society Sri Lanka (ITSSL).

In a media release, the ITSSL says that PayPal cannot be introduced to Sri Lanka by such actions.

Noting that the incumbent president has appointed a new Board of Directors to the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) and it is their and the relevant parties' responsibility to look into why this platform is still not available in the country.

The ITSSL has further expressed their displeasure over people such as Mr. Weeraratne, who are attempting fulfil their private goals by disillusioning the public by portraying facts such as PayPal.

A gimmick to increase page related activity'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that Mr. Weeraratne has done this as a gimmick to increase page related activity before the release of his latest music video - Kathirina.

The post on Kathirina was posted only a day after his post on PayPal, which is a sensitive issue to many and subsequently evoking a lot of activity on his page.

According to Facebook algorithms, although the number of 'Likes' of a page are increased, not all those who liked the page can see new posts published by the page itself. Only those who have been recently active with the page are able to see the new posts.

Recently, Mr. Weeraratne was also appointed as a Director of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.


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