Wednesday, 26 February 2020 13:25

World Bank says Sri Lanka has the worst road fatality rate in South Asia

Sri Lanka has the worst road fatality rate and high road traffic accidents among its immediate neighbours in the South Asian Region, World Bank report revealed.

It added Sri Lanka needs to make US$ 2 billion additional investments over the coming decade to achieve a 50% reduction in national road crash fatalities.

The study by the World Bank pointed out, that the estimated annual road crash deaths per capita in Sri Lanka is twice the average rate in high-income countries and five times that of the best-performing countries in the world.

As per data in the report, an average of 38,000 crashes happen annually, which result in around 3,000 fatalities and 8,000 serious injuries.

The report added, the current crisis has been aggravated by the rapid growth in vehicle ownership. The study pointed out, vehicle ownership in the country is already high by regional standards and grew by 67% between 2011 and 2018.

According to the report, if this trend continues as expected, the number of accidents and crash fatalities will increase unless urgently required measures are implemented.

The report added, analysis based on countries that have achieved 50% reduction in road fatalities indicated an estimated 7% – 22% increase in GDP, and welfare gains equivalent to 6% to 32% of GDP over a 24 year period.


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