Tuesday, 02 June 2020 19:39

Former President Sirisena places 21, 000 signatures to seek extradition of Arjuna Mahendran

Former President Maithripala Sirisena on Monday said that he has placed 21, 000 signatures to seek the extradition of Arjuna Mahendran and personally asked the Singaporean Premier to assist in extraditing Mahendran.

I have personally asked the Singaporean Premier to assist in extraditing Arjun Mahendran in my state visit in 2019,” former President Sirisena said adding that he had placed 21,000 signatures on these documents in three days when he was in office.

“The bond report was tabled in Parliament. It was uploaded on the internet as well. The commission recommended that a forensic audit be conducted,” former President speaking about the Central Bank Bond Commission said.

“The CID acted very well based on these and that is how Arjun Aloysius and a large group of people were under remand custody. During my time, the AGs department, the Foreign ministry the government and the Singaporean government exchanged letters.”

The Former President made the comments responding to media reports that Rs. 4 billion had been spent on Commissions during his tenure said that he appointed at least five commissions to investigate issues that arose during his period and none of the recommendations in those reports had been enacted yet.

Former President Sirisena addressing a meeting in Polonnaruwa on Monday said the last commission that was appointed- the Presidential Commission to investigate into the April 21st attacks is continuing its tasks successfully.


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