Wednesday, 03 June 2020 15:30

President directs officials to crack down on crimes being planned in prison

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has insisted that immediate steps should be taken to stop underworld leaders and drug kingpins from masterminding crimes from within prison.

The President made the comments when he met with relevant officials to review the internal situation within prisons the President's Media Unit (PMD) said.

He told officials that there was credible information revealing that most crimes and large scale drug smuggling operations were being masterminded from the country's prisons
"This must be rectified. The use of mobile phones within prisons in particular should be stamped out," the PMD quoted the President as saying.

He added that corrupt and inefficient prison officials should be identified and correct steps should be taken against them.

President has emphasized that crimes operated by underworld kingpins and drug mafia from prisons must be put to an end without delay.

Specific information relating to criminal activities and drug peddling operated from prisons have been received. The general public is appalled by this situation, President said.

This has to be rectified. Use mobile phones within prison premises should be completely eradicated” President added.
President Rajapaksa emphasized that the existing shortcomings of the Department of Prisons will be removed and the system will be entirely overhauled.

This restructuring process will be implemented through a committee comprising Secretary Defence, the Army Commander and the Inspector General of Police.

The President also advised the relevant officials to conduct all actions including the training of officers and providing incentives under a supervisory team.

The President further said that corrupt and inefficient officers should be identified and should take appropriate decisions regarding them.


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