Saturday, 08 August 2020 16:17

Cracks appear in SLFP and AJBP over national list MP seats

Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and Ape Jana Bala Party are now in an awkward position on the nomination of their front line members as national list MPS, informed internal party sources said.

This situation in the SLFP has arisen following the announcement of the 17 SLPP national list MPs yesterday.

The disheartening state of affairs cropped up following the failure of the SLPP authorities failure to include the name of former SLFP Acting General Secretary Prof. Rohana Laxman Piyadasa in the SLPP national list breaking the understanding between the two parties.

According to the pre election agreement the allocation of national list MPs should be made in accordance with the number of seats secured by each and every constituent party.

Under this set up SLFP is entitled to get two national list MP seats. But reasons only known to Rajapaksa hierarchy, only Dr.Suren Raghavan’s name was included allocating a single slot in the national list.

The under cutting of Prof. Rohana Laxman Piyadasa who served the SLFP for over three decades as party stalwart during the good bad and even the ugly periods undergone by the party is unbecoming for the dignity of SLPP leaders, senior members of the party said.

This has created an uneasy situation among SLFP supporters who worked tirelessly during election period.

Meanwhile a similar situation has arisen in the Ape Jana Bala Party due to the tug of war between the General Secretary of BBS Galagoda Aaththe Gnanasara and Athureleye Rathana theras to enter parliament by fighting to grab the only one national list seat allocated for the party.


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