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Former Minister Mangala stresses the need of protecting environment   Featured

In the wake of current forest destruction in the guise of development, Former Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera reiterated that development should always go hand in hand with the protection of the environment and the well-being of planet earth.

He noted that this is the path many advanced economies in the world have already embarked upon.Former Minister Samaraweera was speaking at an event held at the Thomas Gall Green School.

“Thomas Gall Green is the first of its kind in our island and it opens at a very propitious moment when the world in general and Sri Lanka, in particular, is embroiled in a fierce debate about the environment and the future of our planet and the legacy we would leave behind for the next generation and beyond,” he said.

He said in the school there are young children of various communities and religions and it is essential that the respective culture and beliefs are celebrated freely and without inhibition.“Former Minister Samaraweera also recalled that as the former Finance Minister, he was happy to have presented his first budget in 2018 under the theme of “Blue-Green Budget.”

It was ‘Blue’ because the plan was to integrate the full economic potential of ocean related activities in formulating the overall growth strategy and ‘Green’ as the plan of the then Government was to build the economy on an environmentally sustainable development strategy, he claimed.



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