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Colombo land grabbing continues adding 48 acre Weilkada Prison land to the list Featured

Colombo land grabbing spree for mixed development projects attracting foreign and local investment is continuing with the latest decision to take over Welikada prison site under a cabinet approval.

The Welikada Prison (also known as the Magazine Prison is a maximum security prison and is the largest prison in Sri Lanka .

It was built in 1841 by the Britis regime under Governor Cameron. The prison covers an area of 48 acres (190,000 m2). It is over-crowded with about 1700 detainees exceeding the actual member that could be accommodated.

Welikada Prison will be relocated in a 200 acre site in Millewa Horana while the present 48 acre site is to be lesed out on long term basis tp investors for mixed development project.

A 40-acre plot of land owned by the Department of Prisons, where the Welikada Prison Complex is situated at present, would be taken over by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) for a mixed-development project, according to UDA senior official. .

He noted that the Welikada Prison, including the Magazine New Remand Prison, would be relocated to Horana and a plot of land with an extent of 400 acres would be handed over to the Prisons Department to construct the new spacious prison complex.

The UDA has recently taken over a number of prime properties situated in Colombo including Otter Aquatic Club, 80 Club, Pettah Manning Market, etc.

It has already identified 48 new mega development projects in and around Colombo to be implemented next year.

The UDA’s attempt to take over the Colombo University-owned hostel premises on Muttiah Road however, was subjected to criticism and the process has been stalled due to opposition from university teachers’ associations.

The Government’s aim is to spread out the development to other parts of the country including Gampaha, Kalutara, Anuradhapura, Kandy, and other main cities without limiting the mega development projects to Colombo.


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