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It is the mount from which, Sri Lanka sees her rising sun. The mount, which Buddhists believe the Buddha stepped upon, made hallow and left his foot print stamped for millions to worship through the ages. It's the holy mountain, which Christians and Muslims hold as East of Eden, to where Adam fell when he was banished from Paradise. It's Sri Lanka's Mount Kailas to the Hindus who revere the footprint as that of Shiva and call it Shiva Padam. To all adherents of the four faiths in Lanka, it is the sacred mount where all religions meet at its pointed summit.

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Trees And The Sacred

In the heart of Sri Lanka, in Ulpothagama, Central Province, is a forest of sacred trees of magical allure. Na Mal Uyana, the forest of Na blossoms, is a manmade forest of ironwood trees. The national tree of Sri Lanka, Na is revered for many reasons. Three Buddhas-the Sumana, Revatha and Sobitha buddhas-are said to have attained enlightenment under Na trees, and it is believed that the future Buddha, the Maithree Buddha, will do the same.

2,500 years ago, according to the Buddhist Calendar, the Buddha, on a Nawam Poya Day (the day of the full moon in February) laid down the code of discipline for Buddhist Priests or Bikkhus and the Buddha's first Chief Disciples, Saripuththa and Moggalana entered the order of the Sangha.

එක දිගටම පැවති වැස්සකට පස්සේ පායන අව්ව හරිම සැරයි. ඒ නිසාම ඇඟට දැනෙන්නෙත් අමුතුම රස්නයක්. විශේෂයෙන් අපේ හමට දැනෙන රස්නය දරාගන්නත් බැරි තරම්. මේ වගේ වෙලාවක ඇඟට වගේම හමටත් සිසිලසක් දෙන්න පුළුවන් නම් ඒක කොයි තරම් නම් දෙයක්ද. විවිධාකාරයේ කෘත්‍රිම රසායනික ද්‍රව්‍යයන් වෙනුවට ස්වභාවික දෑ උපයෝගී කරගෙන සම සිසිල් කරගන්න ලැබෙනවා නම් එමගින් ලැබෙන සුවය ඉතාමත් ඉහළයි වගේම ශරීර සෞඛ්‍යයටත් හිතකරයි. මෙලෙසින් භාවිත කළ හැකි විවිධාකාරයේ ස්වභාවික ක්‍රම අතර මෙහෙන්දි නැතිනම් හෙනා ආලේපනය තිබෙන බව පැවසුවොත් ඔබට පුදුමත් හිතෙයි.

British defeats in Europe and Asia during the 1940-1942 period of the Second World War-epitomised by the humiliating fall of Singapore-turned out to be the final blow to the country's already floundering Empire. Military and economic power, on which the imperial system depended, had been severely eroded. And on a political level, from the end of the First World War unrest and agitation for independence had begun to manifest in many parts of the Empire, exemplified in the then Crown Colony of Ceylon by the Trotskyist-inspired Lanka Sama Samaja Party.

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Giritale: The Silent Angel Of Rajarata

giri1Isolated in the vast plains of eastern "Rajarata" (i.e. the Land of the Kings), nestled in the warmth of a few isolated hillocks, lies a beauty often overlooked. At times, it can be a challenge to even find a reference to learn more about her, yet as the A11 highway wraps around the northern edge of her waters, a passer by simply cannot help being mesmerised. Giritale tank (lake) is truly a gem within Sri Lanka's intricate and extensive ancient irrigation system.

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“Waxing Lyrical” about Sri Lankan Batik

batik1Batik's origins have been traced to India in records dating back 2,000 years and the method of batik is believed to have been introduced to Indonesia by traders. Batik is a Javanese word that translates as "writing in wax." The hot wax process used for making batik was probably brought to Sri Lanka during the Dutch colonial period from Indonesia, which at that time was also a Dutch colony.

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Sri Lanka Railways Sesquicentennial

trainThe royal VIP who travelled on the first to train to steam into Ambepussa station, 34 miles (55km) from Colombo, on December 27, 1864, was the Duke of Brabant who, a year later, became King Leopold II of Belgium. Not to be out done, the Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VII of Britain, rode the train all the way to Kandy in 1875. History records he was accompanied by the Duke of Sutherland who, perhaps fulfilling a boyhood dream, took a turn at driving the steam locomotive on its journey.

duruthuසියවස් ගනණාවකට කලියෙන්, ගස් කොළන්, සතා සීපාවුන් වන්දනා මාන කළ යුගයක් බොහෝ ශිෂ්ටාචරයන්ට තිබුණි. සොබා දහම ජීවමාන ලෙසින් සලකා එතැනින් නොනැවතී එයට දේවත්වයක් ආදේශ කිරීම මනුෂ්‍යත්වයේ සො‍ඳුරු පැතිකඩක් පෙන්වන්නකි. ලොව පවත්නා සෑම ආගමකම, දහමකම ඉගැන්වෙන්නේ මානව දයාව ඉහළ නංවන සංකල්පයන්ය. ආගමික හෝ සංස්කෘතික අංගයන් සහ උත්සවයන් හරහා පවා එළිදැක්වෙන්නේ සමාජයට හරයක් එක්කරනා, ගැඹුරු අරුත්වලින් යුත් ආදර්ශයන් වන්නේ ඒ නිසාමය. තාක්ෂණයෙන්, ආර්ථිකයෙන් කෙතරම් ඉහළට ගියත් ළඟා කර ගත නොහැකි අව්‍යාජ මානුෂීය දහමක් සෑම සංස්කෘතික උත්සවයකින්ම පාහේ ඉගැන්වෙන්නේ අපූරු අයුරෙනි.

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