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Welisara Farm-NLDB


Welisara Farm Initially, Welisara Farm was managed by the Department of Animal Production & Health and subsequently, it has been taken over by National Livestock Development Board in 1992. The expansion and improvement programs were funded by an Asian ...

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Welikanda/Kandakaduwa Farm-NLDB


Welikanda/Kandakaduwa Farm Welikanda Farm within the administrative district of Polonnaruwa is situated 08km away on the Polonnaruwa-Batticaloa road, turning left at Welikanda, proceeding 3km on Welikanda, Kandakaduwa road. Welikanda farm, was establis ...

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Weerawila Farm-NLDB


Weerawila Farm The Weerawila Farm was established in the year 1943 and was initially managed by the Department of Agriculture. During 1978 it was handed over to the Department of Animal production and Health. The farm was handed over to the NLDB conseq ...

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stratford estate,Ridigama,NWP


Stratford Estate .42 acres Ridigama NWP we are a suppliers of coconuts and farm produce milk eggs .and producers of biogas and compost

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Siringapatha Farm-NLDB

Mawatte division,

Siringapatha Farm Siringapatha farm was earlier managed by Ceylon Tea Plantation Company, which is Sterling Company and was taken over by the Land Reforms Commission. Thereafter Janatha Estates Development Board managed this Farm for few weeks and in 1 ...

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Rukkattana Farm-NLDB

Rukkattana, ,

Rukkattana Farm Rukkattana Farm composed of five divisions is situated in Bingiriya electorate 8km from Bingiriya on Dummalasuriya road. During 1978 the land was vested with the National Livestock Development Board for management. The total extend is 3 ...

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Rosita Farm-NLDB

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Rosita Farm-NLDB


Rosita Farm Rosita Farm was a part of Rosita Estate. A Tea Estate owned and managed by a Sterling Company called Ceylon Tea Plantations Limited. With the implementation of the Land Reforms Commission and thereafter managed by the Janatha Estates Develo ...

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Ridiyagama Farm-NLDB


Ridiyagama Farm Ridiyagama Farm was established in the year 1938 by the then Department of Agriculture. Under the Department of Agriculture the Farm was managed efficiently. There was 1000ha of well managed pasture and fodder, which was fed to 1500 hea ...

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Prima Group

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Prima Group

50, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, ,

Prima are the pioneers in flour milling in Asia and are today an industrial force across the region, committed to their product and service quality. BrandsPrima CeylonCeylon Grain ElevatorsCeylon Agro Industries Prima Ceylon Trincomalee Factory Prima ...

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Polonnaruwa Farm-NLDB

Kaduruwela, ,

Polonnaruwa Farm The establishment of Thamankaduwa Livestock Development Project in the early 60s which commenced in an un-demarcated extent of 4452 ha. With the opening of the Kandakaduwa farm and followed later by Threekonamaduwa farm the Thamankaduw ...

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Parasangahawewa Farm-NLDB

Parasangahawewa, ,

Parasangahawewa Farm Parasangahawewa Farm is situated in the North Central Province 23km from Anuradhapura. It was established in 1976 as a holding farm for neat cattle to meet the requirements of the Abattoirs. The Board acquired 1428Ha. of thick jung ...

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Oya Maduawa Farm-NLDB

Oya Maduawa,

Oya Maduawa Farm The National Livestock Development Board took over this land as a virgin forest for development on 12 may 1975. The land came to be known as Oya Maduwa Farm. The Jungle was cleared and pasture and fodder established simultaneously with ...

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Nikaweratiya Farm-NLDB


Nikaweratiya Farm Nikaweratiya Farm is relatively large consisting of 765 ha. It is located in an intermediate area between the wet and dry zones, and the farm is 2km from Nikaweratiya town on Kurunegala-Puttalam road. The farm commenced operations in ...

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Narangalla Farm-NLDB


Narangalla Farm This property was taken over by the National Livestock Development Board from the Land Reforms Commission in 1978. Narangalla Farm consists of 03 Divisions scattered within the Electorate of Kuliyapitiya. The total extend of the farm is ...

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Miriswatta Farm-NLDB


Miriswatta Farm Miriswatta farm was taken over by the National Livestock Development Board in 1987 from the Department of Animal Production & Health. A small scale hatchery was in operation at this farm. Subsequently under Netherlands Aid a large incub ...

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Melsiripura Farm-NLDB


Melsiripura Farm Melsiripura farm consisted of four Divisions viz. Medamulla, Ragedara, Wagolla and Walpolayaya was taken over by the National Livestock Development Board during 1976-1977 periods. Melsiripura farm is situated on Kurunegala-Dambulla roa ...

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Marvel Estates Pvt Ltd

Sri Lanka

Marvel Estates Pvt Ltd has invested in agriculture in Srilanka. We farm goats, chicken and a variety of agricultural products including rice, Coconuts, cashew and Mangoes.

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Martin Farm-NLDB

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Martin Farm-NLDB

Bangadeniya, ,

Martin Farm The martin Farm is situated on the Chilaw-Puttalam main road approximately 4km from Chilaw town. Martin Farm consists of 05 divisions inclusive of Ipil Ipil plantation at Eluwankulama which was planted and maintained by Messer. Nestle Lanka ...

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Marawila Farm-NLDB


Marawila Farm Marawila Poultry Farm was handed over to the National Livestock Development Board by the Department of Animal Production & Health in 1992. Marawila Farm is situated on the Marawila-Nattandiya main road at 2km from Marawila town towards Na ...

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Marandawila Farm-NLDB


Marandawila Farm The Land Reforms Commission released Marandawila Estate and its division to the National Livestock Development Board in 1974. The land handed over by the Land Reforms Commission consisted of 921.5ha and is situated in the Bingiriya el ...

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