Saturday, 01 June 2024 18:02

SLIC transfers its shares in Lanka Hospitals to Treasury Secretary Featured

The Lanka Hospitals Corp. PLC announces that the company has been notified by the Department of Public Enterprise of the Ministry of Finance, regarding a decision by the Board of Directors of Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Limited to transfer its shares in The Lanka Hospitals Corp. PLC to the Secretary of the Treasury.

Issuing a statement, the Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC stated that they are informed that pursuant to the said decision, a request has been submitted to the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission to facilitate the transfer of the said shares.

This announcement is made under the continuing disclosure requirements of the Colombo Stock Exchange, regarding the intimation by the Department of Public Enterprise in respect of actions initiated towards the restructuring of the legal and beneficial ownership of shares of The Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC held by the Government of Sri Lanka through its agencies, the statement added.


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