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Doctors neglect work at prisons Featured

It has come to light that doctors assigned to prison hospitals in Sri Lanka neglected their duties in 2022, working significantly fewer hours than mandated by the Ministry of Health.

This was revealed at the 2022 annual report of the Auditor General.

According to a circular, instructions from the Secretary to the Ministry of Health, doctors in prison hospitals are required to work a minimum of 6 hours a day on weekdays and 4 hours on Saturdays.

However, the report indicates that out of the 33 doctors attached to prison hospitals, only 1,296 man-hours were worked in total for a month, far below the stipulated 4,570 man-hours.

A senior official told Daily Mirror that the Ministry of Health would look into the matter in order to determine the reasons behind this gross negligence and to take appropriate action against those responsible for the violation of work hours.

Meanwhile, the report highlights that the total number of individuals who registered with the Bureau and left for employment in 2022 was 311,046.

Among them, a substantial 183,649 individuals (60%) took up roles as domestic workers, semiskilled, and nonskilled workers. Besides, 14,307 and 40,174 individuals left for jobs in professional and skilled categories, respectively.

The reasons for the unexpected surge in migration for work could be multifaceted. This suggests a shift in the employment landscape due to the downfall of the economy last year.


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