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Friday, 21 April 2023 07:33

Official monthly earnings of lawmakers exposed. Featured

Sri Lanka’s parliamentarians are earning more than each of their contributions for the economic development of the country, recent fact check revealed.

The total salary of a parliamentarian comprises largely of the allowances he or she receives. The Prime Minister earns a basic salary of 71,500 rupees per month.

The Speaker of Parliament earns 68,000 rupees, while the Deputy Speaker’s basic salary is 63,500 rupees.

Cabinet Ministers and State Ministers earn a basic salary of 65,000 rupees per month, and so does the Leader of the Opposition.

As for MPs, their basic salary is 54,285 rupees. They also receive a transport allowance of Rs 15,000, a phone allowance of 50,000 rupees, and 2,500 rupees for everyday they attend Parliament. In addition they receive an entertainment allowance worth 4,500 rupees and 100,000 rupees per month for maintaining an office.

The fuel allowance that parliamentarians receive is determined by calculating the distance between their elected district and the parliament, and it is based on the current fuel prices

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